Frequently asked questions about our appliance repair services

Have a question about Immediate Appliance repair services? Take a look at our comprehensive FAQ

In our travels and on the phone over the past 25 years, you can imagine that we get a lot of repeat questions (and, we might add happily, a lot of repeat customers!).

As a service to you, we have provided a representative list of Q&As below:

Is your work guaranteed?

All factory-authorized parts that we use to repair your equipment is guaranteed for two years – up to 8 times the parts coverage offered by many major manufacturers. Our labor is guaranteed for 90 days.

If for any reason the parts used in the repair fail within these protection windows, Immediate Appliance will provide additional service and/or replacement parts at no cost to you.

How “immediate” is Immediate?

We answer phone calls 24 hours a day, although we do ask that non-emergency calls be made during our business hours of 7:30am-7:30pm, Monday-Saturday.

Immediate technicians are located throughout our service area, and if the call truly represents an emergency, we can almost always be on-site within an hour.

How does your service compare to large companies like Sears?

Our appliance repair company is perfectly positioned between small outfits and handymen, and large outfits like Sears.

Smaller operations can be easily overwhelmed, be here today and gone tomorrow, and even be non-licensed or uninsured – leaving you with little no protections.

Large repair companies are, as a whole, slow to respond to even your phone call, with long lead times for appointments, half-day arrival windows, and so on. Generally, you can get lost in a faceless bureaucracy from the moment you call.

As one of New Jersey’s few mid-size repair companies, we share the professionalism of large repair companies, but have the urgency and eagerness of smaller companies. And we always treat our customers as we would our own families. Our work is guaranteed, we provide workman’s compensation, we are fully licensed by the State of New Jersey, and we carry $2 million of liability insurance.

To borrow from The Three Bears, we are “just right.”

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, personal checks, credit-debit bank cards, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

Do you match competitors’ prices?

The appliance repair world includes all sorts of handymen, part-timers, and the like – some of whom are, unfortunately, desperate for business and price that way.

So instead we simply challenge you to find a better price for the quality of service offered. You will find that our pricing is highly competitive for your area – especially among the very few companies who enjoy an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau…which is our rating.