Announcing the Immediate Appliance Recycling Program – a win, win, win.

If it is beyond appliance repair, we may pay you to recycle it!

Everyone wins with our new discount appliance recycling program, which we’ve instituted for a number of reasons – including our own views about the importance of appliance repairs vs. appliance purchase.

We must be getting old, because we long for “the good old days,” when appliances were made from metals right here in the United States.

Today, unfortunately, more and more appliance parts are made out of either cheaper metals or from plastic. And the days of homegrown, quality manufacturing has been largely replaced by outsourced jobs and assembly overseas.

As a result, home appliances are prone to break down sooner than ever before, and buying a new machine ensures little other than avoidable breakdowns to come. That is why we do everything we can to turn a losing proposition into a winning scenario for everyone.

YOU WIN because, should we be unable to repair your appliance, you won’t be stuck with it sitting in your home, basement, garage, or back yard. We will pay you a fair price for the value of the machine, and haul it away for free (you’d have to pay for hauling, otherwise). So you save significant hassle and expense.

WE WIN because we will gut the machine for parts that hold any value. We re-condition these parts to either provide to charity or re-install – with full customer knowledge – into other older machines that need now-hard-to-find parts. When customers opt to use these re-conditioned parts, we are so confident in their quality that they receive the identical warranty protections as we offer on new parts. This is a tremendous service as well for people who are struggling on limited incomes, because “all or nothing” parts costs suddenly have a more affordable middle-ground option. (Hmm…that’s actually another “win,” right?)

THE PLANET WINS because our re-conditioning efforts keep more metals and plastics out of landfills and working until their use has truly entirely expired. When you handle tens of thousands of repairs each year as we do, you get a sense of the substantial environment impact of needlessly discarded appliances, both large and small.

How much will we pay you?

Each appliance is custom-priced, because every situation is different. We do reserve the right to refuse this offer, should the call appear to be more about removal and less about repair. (In other words, please do not call us because your grandfather’s refrigerator has been rusting out back for 30 years.) We only make this offer to recently working appliances that have just gone kaput. We will be the judge of what is worth an offer…but we are always eager to recycle and rescue parts.

You will be hard pressed to find another appliance company that has our policy. It is not the only reason to hire us to perform your next appliance repair…but it certainly is a worthy one.