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Kitchen Appliance Repair

kitchen appliance repair mercer county njThe kitchen is at the heart of every home. It’s not only the place where you prepare all of your daily meals, but it’s also a place where your family gathers together. You rely on all of your appliances to be working correctly in order to keep your household running smoothly. When your stove or fridge breaks down, it can hinder your routine, and you may find yourself wondering who to call to get it fixed quickly.

Fortunately, Immediate Appliance is here to help. We’ve served the Mercer County, NJ area for over 25 years, and have the expertise to repair all of your major appliances.


You may encounter various problems with your stovetop that can cause it to stop working, whether it runs on electricity or gas. We provide kitchen stove repair for all types of stoves.

  • Electric – If your stove is not heating, there could be an issue either with the heating coil itself or the connection. Damage to the coil, such as blisters or bubbles, may cause it to stop working and will need replacing. If the coil seems undamaged, or if you have a glass-top stove, then there is likely a bigger electrical issue at fault.

Another common issue with electric stoves is that they will heat, but the level cannot be adjusted — it’s either on or off. This typically indicates an issue with the infinite switch, which is connected to the dial on your stove.

  • Gas – The most frequent complaint we hear from homeowners with a gas stove is that it won’t light. Always exercise caution when testing for issues with gas stoves, as the gas can accumulate quickly, posing a fire and health hazard for both people and pets in your home.


With both gas and electric stoves, a typical concern is that the oven isn’t heating at all, or that it isn’t heating to the proper temperature. You may have also noticed that when you’re baking something, part of the food will cook faster than the rest, resulting in burnt edges. The heating elements or the temperature sensor may be at fault for these issues. When you call us for same-day oven repair, we will quickly diagnose the cause and get you up and running.


While the dishwasher may be more of a convenience than a necessity, many families will attest to how much time it saves them by not having to wash their dishes by hand. A dishwasher that is making more noise than normal could indicate that a part is wearing out, such as the motor bushings or the pump housing. If your dishwasher is leaking, you’ll want to get it repaired immediately before it causes damage to your floor or furniture. Our comprehensive dishwasher repair service ensures that your appliance will be running quietly and without leaks in no time.


Unlike other appliances, your refrigerator is constantly running, and it is essential to have it working correctly to keep all of your perishable items at a safe temperature. Some issues could just require a quick fix, like making sure your ice maker is turned on. However, other problems warrant calling in a professional for your fridge repair. Any problems involving coolant will require an expert since it is a toxic substance. If you notice that your fridge is making an unusual hissing noise, that it hasn’t been keeping your food cool or that there’s an oily residue in your freezer compartment, then you should schedule emergency repair ASAP.

When you need immediate repair for your kitchen appliances in Mercer County, NJ, make sure to give us a call at 1-800-323-3023 today!