You will be Immediate-ly impressed with our many appliance repair services.

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We offer our customers many appliance repair services in NJ

We have been striving to provide you with a comprehensive appliance repair solution for the past 25 years. Our commitment to this goal is reflected in our round-the-clock phone answering service, 2-3 hour service windows, and courtesy calls 20 minutes prior to our arrival. Moreover, we ensure that you receive expert technical assistance from our repair personnel who will attend to your needs in a professional and courteous manner as soon as they arrive.

By providing exceptional beginning-to-end service, our humble Freehold, NJ, origins have blossomed into a six-county operation throughout central New Jersey. It has also allowed us to become much larger than most local appliance repair contractors, yet much smaller than national, slow-moving outfits. This sweet spot that we now occupy in size still allows us to excel in speed of service.

Please browse through the comprehensive range of services provided by Immediate Appliance. Whether you’re a new or existing customer, we’re confident that you’ll be impressed by the solutions we have to offer to meet the needs of your family or business.

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