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Dryer Maintenance

dryer maintenance mercer county njYour dryer is a convenient appliance that, if broken or not running efficiently, can cause many setbacks within your home, resulting in leaks or laundry pile-ups. Immediate Appliance has been servicing various home appliances for over 25 years. With upfront pricing and no hidden fees, we are the top choice for same-day dryer maintenance in Mercer County, NJ.

With proper washer and dryer maintenance, the likelihood of your appliance breaking goes down dramatically. We’ve compiled a list of common dryer maintenance tips to ensure a long-lasting appliance life:

  • Lint buildup is a serious problem and has caused thousands of residential fires throughout the United States. Be sure to remove lint from the lint trap after every dryer cycle to keep your appliance running optimally. A professional dryer vent cleaning is highly recommended for proper, safe home maintenance.
  • All dryers should use aluminum tubing versus white vinyl tubing. White vinyl tubing does not meet federal safety standards. Contact us if you need to update or change your dryer’s tubing system.
  • The vent cap outside should be checked often. Make sure that there is nothing in its way (like leaves or snow), so there is proper air flow.
  • If you notice that it’s taking longer for your clothes to dry, that means your dryer isn’t running efficiently. This could be because of lint buildup and should be addressed immediately by an expert technician.

At Immediate Appliance, we know exactly how to install, repair and maintain your drying system. Contact us today if you have any questions regarding proper care and maintenance.

Book Annual Maintenance with Immediate Appliance Today

Purchasing a new appliance, whether it’s a refrigerator, washer, dryer or dishwasher, is a big investment and often not necessary. Immediate Appliance suggests that homeowners schedule annual maintenance checkups. With annual dryer maintenance through Immediate Appliance, you can expect comprehensive maintenance services such as:

  • Vent cleaning
  • Adequate dryer temperature
  • All safety features aligned with federal safety standards

In the long run, annual maintenance ensures a long lasting appliance life with minimal repairs or replacements. Not only will annual maintenance prolong the life of your appliances, but appliances will run more safely and efficiently, which reduces the cost of your energy bill.

Immediate Appliance offers various maintenance plans to fit any and all needs of homeowners in Mercer County, NJ. Contact us today for more information!

Washer and Dryer Repair in Mercer County, NJ

Whether it’s a top loading, front loading, combination or compact washing machine, Immediate Appliance can repair any type of unit. If your washing machine won’t turn on, soap is left on your clothes after a cycle, there is no cold or hot water, or there is excessive vibration, it’s time for an Immediate washer repair. Our qualified technicians carry numerous parts in their trucks for washer repairs including pumps, pressure switches, hoses and belts to name a few.

At the first sign of a malfunctioning washer, dryer or other home appliance, contact Immediate Appliance for timely, affordable service. Available for residential installations, repairs and maintenance programs, we are the top appliance repair company in New Jersey. Schedule an appointment today by calling 1-800-323-3023.