Appliance Repair Coupon

Our Preventive Maintenance Plan helps you save money and avoid unnecessary stress.

Reduce costly repairs and replacements while you increase efficiency…which lowers your utility costs!

Whether you are a homeowner or a landlord, consider signing up for an Immediate Appliance Preventive Maintenance Plan, which can help prevent over 90% of all repairs and increase efficiency by 20% or more – all of which can prevent emergencies and lower home expenses for years to come.

Our plan includes:

REFRIGERATOR: Clean condenser coils; 10-point-check including airflow and temperature; and all other functional parts.

WASHER: Change two inlet hoses (if needed); clean water inlet screens. Sanitize machine.

DRYER: Blow out dryer vent; provide and install up to four feet of aluminum flex, if needed.

DISHWASHER: Clean circulation pump screen, filters, and spray arms. Sanitize machine.

OVEN: Check and calibrate temperature; check flame distribution.

CENTRAL AIR: 10-point check; check refrigerant, clean condenser coils; check fan motors, check air flow, check electrical parts and others.

GAS FURNACE: Clean burner tubes; oil fan motor; change filter (provided by customer)

WATER HEATER: Flush unit; check efficiency, clean and inspect burner.

HUMIDIFIER: Clean unit; inspect water distribution and fittings.

Upon signing an agreement, you can expect (1) a FREE service call with repair, (2) 20% off parts and labor on future repairs for 365 days, (3) preventive maintenance service once a year, (4) 90 days warranty on service, and (5) 2-year warranty on all parts – up to 8 times the parts coverage offered by many major manufacturers.

Call us today at 1-800-323-3023 for pricing!

Terms & Conditions: Advantage Membership benefits are in effect for one year from the date of the initial Preventive Maintenance Service for the set address. All emergency calls are determined at the discretion and availability of Immediate Appliance Service. Preventive Maintenance Service is provided on all household appliances listed, regardless of age, make, or model.