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Do You Know What a Warming Drawer Is?

January 18th, 2017

Isn’t it great that you can store those extra pans and pots under your oven? You know, in that pull-out drawer?

Well, surprise! That drawer is technically not for storage—though you can use it that way.

In fact, though most people may not realize it, the compartment built into the bottom of most ovens is called a warming drawer, and it’s used to store (and keep warm) food you’ve cooked while other items are still busy baking in the oven.

For example, ever have to cook your Thanksgiving meal dishes in waves? Well, instead of leaving the green bean casserole and mashed potatoes out on the counter to dry out and cool down, you can pop them into the drawer for warm storage while the turkey finished up in the oven!

However, if you just wanna store your extra cupcake baking trays down there, that’s okay too. We won’t judge… We do it too!