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Why You Should Never Get an Appliance Repair Estimate Over the Phone

July 26th, 2017

We understand that when it comes to calling for repair service, your budget is always an important factor. As a customer, you’ll want to get quality work done at a reasonable price.

However, while a service call fee should always be a fixed price and told upfront when booking your appointment, you should think twice if the company you’ve called if willing to give you a full job “estimate” over the phone.

Be aware: Any company that gives you a full estimate over the phone without diagnosing your appliance first is doing you a great disservice.

The diagnosis is the most important part of any appliance repair. When the technician physically looks at your appliance, they will be able to expertly determine the exact cause of the malfunction or faulty part. Appliances are made up of dozens of complex parts, some even computerized. This means that any number of parts maybe causing any single type of issue. Only a service diagnosis can determine the exact cause of the problem, as this requires a physical examination of the machine.

Without taking a look at the appliance, a “technician” over the phone would only be guessing… which means you may ultimately have the wrong repair done, and pay more out of pocket later.