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10 Tips For Prepping Your Home For The Autumn

September 23rd, 2015

Hooray! Today is officially the first day of fall 2015. And while it’s a great time to get excited for cozy sweaters, crunchy leaves, pumpkin spice lattes, and the impending holiday season, it’s also the perfect time to start thinking about prepping your lovely home for the upcoming months.

That said, here are 10 super easy and affordable things you can do over the coming weeks to prepare your home for the season!

1. Inspect and clean all your gutters and downspouts.
2. Seal any gaps or cracks around windowsills and doors with weather-stripping and caulk.
3. Clean or replace any dirty furnace filters in your home.
4. Inspect the roof of your home for any damaged shingles or leaky vents.
5. Repair damaged sidewalks, driveways, and steps before winter snow makes things worse.
6. Check any fireplaces for soot build-up, and get your chimneys swept.
7. Drain and winterize your outdoor faucets and water systems.
8. Have any gas-fired rook heaters inspected by a professional, and get your annual routine maintenance done.
9. Perform a home safety check by testing all smoke and CO monitors.
10. Have a professional inspect your gas furnace heating system. Call Immediate Appliance for same day gas furnace inspection!