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5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Put In Your Washing Machine

August 17th, 2015

T-shirts. Bedding. And yes, those sure-to-go-missing pairs of socks, too. These are all things that you put in the wash. But did you know you can also pop baseball caps in your washing machine? What about yoga mats? In fact, there are dozens of surprising things you can wash in the washing machine!

That said, here are five items you probably didn’t know that you could disinfect in your washing machine, below:

1. Baseball Caps: Hat sweat-stains are pretty icky. Lucky for you, you can wash baseball caps in cool water (with like colors). Just skip the dryer afterwards!

2. Yoga Mats: Depending on how active your yoga style is, your yoga mat can get pretty grimy. Yuck! However, most mats can easily be washed in a washing machine. Wash your mat on delicate (no spin) and hang it to dry. Just be sure to double-check the label first.

3. Plastic Shower Curtains: Do you purchase a new shower curtain/liner when you notice yours getting grimy? Don’t waste the money! Just wash it in a cold cycle and hang it back up in the shower to dry.

4. Pet Beds: Talk about stinky! Pet beds tend to gather loose fur and dander, and aren’t exactly the most fragrant. If Fido’s napping place is getting a little rank, just shove it in your washer and put on a warm wash.

5. Backpacks: Kids are messy, so it’s no wonder a child’s backpack gets so dirty so easily. It’s a good think that most backpacks can be thrown in the washing machine for a re-fresh! Just be sure to air-dry afterwards.