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15 Cool Ways To Use Your Toaster Oven

July 25th, 2014

Your toaster oven can be oft’ overlooked. But don’t take this little gem for granted. In fact, the toaster oven is one of the most versatile appliances around, and can be utilized in a plethora of ways to create a number of tasty dishes (as well as other unique uses).

Check out these fifteen cool uses for your toaster oven today!

1. Dehydrate fruits and vegetables.

2. Reheat leftovers.

3. Roast meat and vegetables.

4. Warm your plates before a meal to keep your food from getting cold.

5. Bake cookies, cakes, muffins, and/or quick breads.

6. Bake a pizza.

7. Make quick, delicious biscuits.

8. Heat up a side dish when your oven is already in use.

9. Cook bacon.

10. Toast subs.

11. Melt pieces of broken crayons into new, larger crayons.

12. Roast nuts.

13. Toast coconut.

14. Make baked potatoes.

15. Make croutons.