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3 Reasons You Should Choose Immediate Appliance

March 5th, 2018

Here at Immediate Appliance, we understand just how important appliances are to keeping your home operating smoothly. After a long day out, all of us rely on our home’s appliances, like our stove or oven to help make dinner, washer and dryer to clean our clothes and gas furnace to heat the rooms of our home during the cold, winter months. But what happens when an important appliance in your home stops operating properly?

You need an appliance service company in Mercer County, NJ that can provide the repairs you need in a timely matter. Immediate Appliance provides just that and more. Here are three reasons you should choose Immediate Appliance.


Service Protection Promise

There is a big difference between getting the job done, and getting the job done right. Here at Immediate Appliance, we stand behind the quality of our work, which is why when you call us for an appliance repair you are covered by a 90-day service warranty and a two-year part warranty.


Licensed and Insured Technicians

Our clients deserve peace of mind. That’s why all of our service technicians are licensed and insured. You don’t want some random person coming into your home who has no clue what they are doing. When you choose Immediate Appliance, you are choosing a company whose technicians together boast approximately over 100 years of professional service.


Emergency Service*

An appliance emergency can happen at any given moment throughout the day. If you have been preparing to host a party for friends and family and a couple of days before the event your garbage disposal, refrigerator or microwave isn’t working, you need immediate service. Living up to our name, we offer a two-to-three-hour emergency response time to help get you out of any appliance jam.


Whether you need kitchen appliance repair service in Mercer County, NJ or any other appliance repair, Immediate Appliance has everything you are looking for in an appliance service company. Give us a call today at 1-800-323-3023 to schedule an appointment.

*Same-day and emergency repair is available in most cases.