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3 Reasons To Keep Your Furnace Well-Maintained

October 24th, 2014

The weather’s cooling down here in New Jersey, and if your furnace isn’t working properly, winter is not going to be much of a wonderland! Gas furnace failure requires Immediate attention for a number of good reasons, which we’ve outlined below. And, as usual, if you need gas furnace repair, call Immediate Appliance for fast, quality, award-winning repair today!


Don’t allow the potential of gas or carbon monoxide leaks to threaten your family’s well being! If you smell or sense gas, you MUST vacate your home instantly with all people and pets. Then call a professional to assess the situation.


During the many cold New Jersey months, your home’s temperature will drop quickly without proper heating. Simply by having proper maintenance or repair on your gas furnace can keep your family nice and toasty during fall and winter.


According to a 2011 Department of Energy report, heating accounts for about 43% of your home’s energy use. You’ll save money virtually every day of the year by having a well-maintained gas furnace providing for your indoor heating needs.