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3 Simple Maintenance Tips to Help You Avoid Costly Repairs This Winter

February 6th, 2018

One of the best feelings following a day out in the cold winter weather is stepping into the comfort of your warm, cozy home. But what happens if when you walk into your home and don’t experience that instant warmth you’ve been dreaming of all day? That’s when you need to contact our experts at Immediate Appliance.

We work to get your system up and heating your home in no time. It’s good to know you can get emergency heating repair in Ocean County, NJ* by making one simple call, but there are some things you can do on your own to avoid costly repairs. Here are three simple tips from our team at Immediate Appliance:


Clean Out Your Furnace

Start with removing dirt that may have built up on the outside of your furnace. After doing this, you can remove the panel where your furnace filter is located and wipe down your system’s blower assembly, as well as parts like belts and pulleys. The best time to clean out your furnace is prior to winter beginning and the cold weather setting in.


Change out Your Filter

The purpose of your furnace filter is to prevent harmful things like pollen, dirt, dust and debris from getting into your furnace and causing more damage. By switching out your filter regularly, you are saved the hassle of needing emergency heating repair in Princeton, NJ*.


Schedule a Tune-Up

On top of cleaning out your furnace at home, it’s also a good idea to call a professional technician to inspect your system once a year. When you need someone to come out and look at your furnace to ensure it is running smoothly or give it a tune-up, be sure to contact our professional team at Immediate Appliance.


With over 25 years of experience and same-day emergency service*, you won’t be left in the cold with Immediate Appliance. Call us today at 1-800-323-3023 or browse our website to learn more.

*Same-day and emergency repair is available in most cases.