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4 Tips to Keep Your Air Conditioning Running Smoothly

June 21st, 2017

There is absolutely nothing worse than a faulty or broken air conditioning unit during the scorching heat of summer. And yet, most of the time it’s so easy to avoid running into hot water — erm, air. These four simple tips will keep your A/C running effectively and efficiently, helping you avoid costly repairs:

Have a professional perform maintenance: Having a professional HVAC-licensed appliance technician to inspect your air conditioning unit can help you avoid unnecessary damage and repairs. A technician will make sure that the parts to your unit are working, as well as check the thermostat. They’ll also check and clear your air ducts, making sure cool air can flow through.

Change your filters: Filters collect dirt, dust and debris which ca get backed up and circulate around your home through your air conditioner. Changing filters can prevent damage and air pollution in your home before it occurs!

Make sure doors and windows are closed: Having your windows or doors open while running air conditioning in your home means your a/c unit will have to work overtime to cool down the hot air entering. This causes wear and tear on the parts, as well as increases your need for a future replacement.

Clean the area around the A/C: Dirt and debris can cause horrible damage to the internal structure of your air conditioner, and unfortunately your a/c pulls air into itself in order to create cool air. If the area around your a/c unit is dirty, it’s likely sucking in that debris, which means you’ll be breathing in dusty air as well as increases the likelihood of needing a repair.