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5 Things to Avoid Putting in Your Garbage Disposal This Winter

January 8th, 2018

At Immediate Appliance, a leading provider of appliance repair and emergency heating repair in the Princeton, NJ* area, we want you to be in-the-know about your appliances. If you’re planning to have people over this winter, make sure that you take the time to keep your garbage disposal safe!

Read on to learn five things that should never be placed into your garbage disposal this winter.

  • Bones and hard objects. Your garbage disposal is only equipped to handle soft foods. Bones and other hard objects tend to get stuck in the gears. Avoid putting them in the disposal at all costs!
  • Dental floss, celery and anything “stringy.” Fibrous celery and long, tough strings of dental floss can easily get caught in the gears of your disposal, causing them to wind together and stop working. Place these items in the trash.
  • Grease. Though fat and grease might be a soft liquid when hot, they both tend to congeal and form a lumpy, sticky mass when they cool. This can spell danger for your disposal when combined with other forms of waste. To properly dispose of grease, pour the hot contents into an empty tin can and place it in the garbage when cooled.
  • Plastic, bottle caps and cans. Your garbage disposal is not a trash can! Offer your guests a choice of trash and recycling to help ensure that they don’t accidentally clog your disposal with hard pieces of garbage.
  • Coffee grounds. Though organic, coffee grounds are simply too harsh to be handled by the gears of your disposal. Instead, put these in the garbage, or better yet, use them as composting material!

Making sure that all of your visitors know that the garbage disposal is available only for soft, organic material can save you money down the road. End up with a clogged drain anyway? No worries! Immediate Appliance provides 24/7 emergency service and emergency heating repair in Ocean County, NJ* so you can stay stress-free this winter!

*Same-day and emergency repair is available in most cases.