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5 Tip Checklist For Maximum Dishwasher Efficiency & Effectiveness

March 6th, 2015

Loading a dishwasher is rarely as simple as tossing dishes in with some soap and pressing ‘Start.’ In order to maximize the efficiency and cleaning power of your dishwasher, there are a number of elements you aught to take into consideration.

Things as simple as selecting the right washing detergent, choosing the correct settings for your wash, and even simply where you place items in the dishwasher can make a big impact in terms of how efficiently and effectively your dishwasher cleans your dishes.

Want to find out what you can do to optimize your dishwasher? Check our tip checklist below to find out how to utilize your dishwasher for mamimum efficiency and cleaning power:

Pre-rinsing & pre-washing:

Loose food attached to your dishes should always be rinsed off prior to loading into the dishwasher. Similarly, you should certainly pre-wash or at least scrape off any caked on or burnt food particles, as those may require attention that your dishwasher can’t always give.

Loading the dishwasher:

When you begin to load your dishwasher, always start on the bottom first. Load up the bottom rack, keeping taller items like pots and pans closer to the sides and back of the unit so large items don’t block the flow of hot water to other items in the machine. When it comes to the top racket, this is where you should place glassware and plastic food containers (to keep them far from the heating element).

Selecting the best detergent:

Using the right detergent is almost as important as how you load the dishwasher itself. Certain dishwashers tend to work best with specific dishwashers, so always be sure to follow the instructions of the detergent you use (especially in terms of how much you use, as too much detergent can result in streaking, spotting, and residue). Also, if you’re doing a particularly heavy wash, try using white distilled vinegar in the rinse agent reservoir so your glassware comes out sparkling clean and streak-free.

Selecting the correct setting: 

If you’re doing a heavy wash, you’re probably going to want to select the “Heavy Wash” setting on your dishwasher. In turn, you’re not going to want to use that same setting (thereby wasting water and energy) on a lighter wash. Always take into consideration the appropriate setting on your dishwasher when running a wash, as that setting will serve to optimize the efficiency of the cleaning process for that particular wash.

Running the dishwasher:

Most importantly, a dishwasher should always be run on full. Like most home appliances, the use of this machine is most efficient when it’s full. Always run the dishwasher when you have enough items loaded to make it worth the energy, water, and time it’ll need to clean them.