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5 Tips To Save Energy, Money In The Laundry Room

May 29th, 2015

Did you know that the average family in America does over 300 loads of laundry per year? A typical load of wash costs about 68 cents; that’s a total of about $204 per year!

But while socks may frequently go missing in the laundry room, that doesn’t mean your cash has to disappear in there as well. Check out a few of our energy- and cost-reducing laundry tips, below:



1. Use cold water in the washer: Washing clothes in cold water costs about 4 cents, a great deal less than the 68 cents it costs to use warm or hot water.

2. Run full loads of laundry: A full load of wash uses just as much electricity as a small load, so you get more bang for your buck by filling the machine.

3. Use a faster spin cycle: Using a faster spin—if you have the option to—will dry your clothes faster. Less time in the dryer means less electricity used.

4. Keep your dryer in a warm space: If you can avoid placing it in a cold basement, do so—the warmer air means your machine will use less energy trying to heat itself up.

5. Clean the lint filters: Removing lint after every load will mean your clothes will dry faster and will use less energy.