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5 Tips To Turn Chore Time Into Fun Time

August 1st, 2014

Okay, so no one really likes doing chores, right? But then, who doesn’t like a nice and shiny, sparkling clean home? It’s not too hard to convince your kids (and yourself) that chores aren’t the end of the world; in fact, with a little creativity, chores can even be – dare I say it? – fun!

So turn your household to-do list into a game day. You can try these 5 super creative, super fun tricks and tips for turning your chore-time boredom into family-time fun!

1. Coax your kiddies into dusting by hiding treats, loose change, stickers, or even candy under household knickknacks so they can find little surprise rewards while cleaning.

2. Create a list of individual chores for your family members. Whenever someone accomplishes a task, have them mark it off. Whoever has the most marked off by the end of the week is the star of the week and gets an extra helping of dessert!

3. Turn laundry time into game time by playing “Go Fish” with mismatched (clean) socks. Divide socks between players, leaving a pile to draw from. Players hold up a sock and asks another player if he has the mate. If not, they must draw one from the sock pile. The player with the most successful matched pairs wins!

4. Create personalized cleaning caddies for your kids! Use a permanent marker to write your child’s name on a bucket and have him/her decorate its with other drawings, stickers, and glitter.

5. Have someone roam the house with a laundry basket or box and place stray belongings into clutter “jail” (the basket). To set an item free, its owner must do a chore.

And if all else fails… there’s always allowance!