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Bottled Water Vs. Filtered Water: Which Is Better?

January 23rd, 2015

We’re made of it, we’re surrounded by it, and we consume tons of it each day. Water is a hugely important part of our lives, and it just so happens to be a billion dollar business. In fact, Americans alone consume approximately 8.6 billion gallons of bottled water a year.

Many people believe – falsely – that bottled water is preferable over tap water, but a typical bottle of water is about $1.50. Tap water is only a hundredth of a cent for the same amount of water. Investing in a water filter could save hundreds of dollars a year, as well as be much better for the environment by minimizing plastic waste. (FYI, plastic may take over a thousand years to break down.)

Plus, studies show that bottled water does not typically pass more health state limits for chemicals and contaminants than tap water. After all, bottled water companies are not required to provide exact information on the source of the water or quality reports. And about 40% of bottled water is taken from local municipal tap water sources.

All in all, filtered water is more cost effective, eco-friendly, and healthy in the long run than bottled water, and filters can easily be purchased at most grocery and home goods stores. Make the switch today!