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Five Clever Grill Hacks For Summer BBQ Bosses

June 8th, 2016

Summer is here, which means it’s grilling season! And while hot dogs and steaks are always great, there’s always room to improve your grilling skills with a few simple and useful BBQ hacks. From cleaning tips to cooking hints, here are five of our favorite and most clever summer BBQ grill hacks!

Use Aluminum Foil to Clean:

Don’t have a grill brush handy to clean your still-warm grate? No worries! Just make a ball out of some aluminum foil, grab it with a pair of tongs, and start scrubbing the metal grates of the grill to get all the little charred and burnt-on bits off.

No-Stick Fish Using Lemon:

Grilled fish is delicious, but can be notoriously difficult to successfully make. Flaky fish like salmon, tuna and halibut tends to stick to the grill, and when you go to remove it pieces can rip off, destroying part of your meal. To avoid the fish sticking to the metal grates of the grill, place the fish on top of lemon wedges on the grill instead. Not only will the fish not stick, but it will retain some of the bright tangy flavor of the lemon being grilled into it. Yum!

Convert Your Grill Into a Smoker:

Just because you don’t have a smoker doesn’t mean you can smoke your food. How, you may wonder? Place an aluminum pan full of water in your grill and arrange your pre-soaked wood chips atop the charcoal. Light ’em up, add your food to the grates (brisket or ribs are especially delicious when smoked), close the lid and voila! You’re smokin’, baby.

Grill Juicier Chicken Using a Brick:

It can be hard to evenly grill chicken. Often you’ll end up with one part over-charred and one part under-cooked. Overcooking and drying chicken out is unfortunately easy to do as well. However, there’s a simple way to ensure evenly cooked and super juicy chicken! Just wrap a brick in tin foil and place over your chicken to flatten them out. This will cook them evenly as the tin foil heats up. Meanwhile, the pressure will keep juices inside so they won’t drip or evaporate as quickly.

Toast Your Buns:

Everyone knows the age-old trick of grilling your buns nice and toasty to serve with your hot dogs and hamburgers. And adding a little butter is always a good idea, too! But did you know you can also grill other flavors into your buns? Try a little olive oil/salt and pepper mix, or perhaps garlic butter for a delicious twist.