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Five Surprising Out-Of-The-Box Uses For Your Dishwasher

May 20th, 2013

Dirty dishes, cups, and silverware are just a few of the  typical items people put into their dishwashers. But believe it or not, some folks have discovered that there is more than one way to utilize a dishwasher. And apparently, there are many other items that can get squeaky clean in your machine too, not just dinnerware.

Prepare to be amazed at some of the surprising uses for your dishwasher, below… but be sure to wash them separately from your plates and such for hygiene’s sake.

Baseball Caps
: Baseball caps can get dirty quickly! But these hats are too delicate for the washing machine, where the brim can become crushed or warped. Instead, toss it into the top tray of your dishwasher for a gentle, thorough clean.

Rain Boots: You really don’t want heavy rain-boots bouncing around in your washing machine, but if your boots are a little more muddy than usual, give them a rinse in the sink or bathtub and lie them flat in your dishwasher. Just be sure to take the lining out first if there is any. You can also wash flip-flops like this on the top rack.

Hair Brushes: Plastic hairbrushes and combs are safe for use in the dishwasher, so long as you’ve removed all the hair which can clog and damage the drain. Do not include wood or natural bristle brushes though, which can get damaged themselves in the wash.

Plastic Toys: Kids’ plastic toys are safe and sound when washed in the dishwasher, though it might be wise to keep them in a plastic basket so they don’t move around during the wash cycle. This is a great way to keep your children’s playthings clean and germ-free while being able to wash them in bulk.

Potatoes: We’ve heard of cooking salmon in the dishwasher, but while that trick seems a little questionable, washing potatoes in the dishwasher seems a little less involved. In fact, many people place their freshly purchased potatoes in the top rack of the dishwasher to give them a good, hands-free bulk cleaning. Just don’t add detergent – only a water-rinse cycle is needed this time around.

What “strange” or “surprising” things do you like to wash in your dishwasher?