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Five Unusual Uses For Your Extra Dryer Sheets

July 25th, 2014

Most people use fabric-softener dryer sheets to eliminate static cling and to keep their clothes soft after drying. But did you know you can also use dryer sheets to repel annoying insects? And that’s just the beginning of their unusual usefulness!

Check out these five totally weird but totally useful, unusual uses for your dryer sheets:

Wash Dishes: Loosen stubborn food from dishes by placing a dryer sheet onto the dish, filling with cold water, and soaking overnight. The fabric softener will break down the food particles, making the dish easier to clean the next morning.

Mosquito Repellent: Repel icky insects without overbearing bug sprays or citronella candles; just stick a dryer sheet into each pocket!

Soap Scum Buster: Break down soap scum by scrubbing your glass shower doors or tiles with dampened dryer sheets.

Duster: Dust your computer monitors, TV screens, and even Venetian blinds using the anti-static properties of dryer sheets.

Sewing Tool: In an even stranger twist, you can also use the anti-static of dryer sheets to keep your sewing thread easy to use and smooth. Just run a sheet over the thread and it wont tangle as easily!