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Fridge Door Storage 101

June 8th, 2015

When it comes to stocking your fridge, most people don’t necessarily pay too much attention to where they actually place their groceries within the refrigerator. If there happens to be a space, well, then many folks just tend to fill it with whatever they yank out of their shopping bag first.

But it’s important to remember that where you place certain groceries in your fridge does matter, particularly with regards to the fridge door! By just following these three guidelines with your milk, eggs, and meat products, you can save your groceries—and sanity—all in one!

MILK: Milk can spoil quite easily, so it must be kept in a very cold place in the fridge in order to keep. Storing it on the door does not keep it at its coldest, so it’s best to store it on the top shelf inside the fridge, towards the back, where the temperatures are more stable.

EGGS: Much like milk (above), eggs are a delicate dairy product that need to be kept cold in order to stay fresh for as long as possible. Once again, since the fridge door opens and closes often, the airflow is not as stable in terms of consistent cold air, which can spoil your eggs quicker. Extra tip: Keep your eggs in their original carton; they’ll maintain best quality this way for 3-5 weeks.

MEAT: Meat should always be kept in the lower fresh drawers of the fridge, where temperatures are typically coldest and most stable. Storing meat on the door can not only result in the meat spoiling sooner due to air temperature fluctuations, but can also result in contamination due to drip from the meat containers/plastic wrap.