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Hand Washing vs. Dishwasher: Which One Should You Use?

October 17th, 2014

When it comes to washing your dishes, there is much debate on whether hand-washing or using a dishwasher is more time efficient and cost effective. We’re here to set the record straight. Find out below which is the best option, hands down.

How Much Does a Dishwasher Cost to Run?

It’s impossible to tell exactly how much running a dishwasher will cost without knowing exactly how much wattage it uses, the cost of electricity in your town, and how often you will run the machine. Regardless, a dishwasher that heats water costs about $50 a year if you use it twice a week. Running a dishwasher every day for a week should cost roughly only $200 annually. Better yet, if your dishwasher pulls hot water from your water heater instead of heating internally in the unit, your annual cost should only be $60.

How Much Does Washing by Hand Cost?

Just like running a dishwasher, you’ll likely need to use hot water to effectively wash your plates and silverware, costing you electricity and water all the same. Every gallon of water used costs roughly somewhere between $.50 to $1.00, which can add up quickly since you’re washing each item individually and most likely once a day or after every meal. Even if you spend $1 a day washing your dishes, this still adds up to a minimum of $365 a year, which is much higher than using a dishwasher.

How to Cut Back on Costs!

Make your dishwasher use even less expensive by turning the dishwasher off during the drying cycle or drying the dishes by air or hand. This can save you up to half the total cost of using your unit.

Plus, a dishwasher is way more convenient than washing dishes by hand, so really… it’s a no brainer!