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Here’s Which Clothing You Should Avoid Putting in the Dryer

September 27th, 2017

Satin? Bathing suits? Nylon?

Figuring out what can and can’t safely be put through your clothes dryer can be complicated. The last thing you want to do is irreversibly shrink your favorite holiday sweater or damage a gorgeous silk blouse.

Below, check out our quick guide to find out how to dry your favorite fabrics.

Dryer Safe

Cotton: Loose woven cotton can shrink, so it’s recommended to dry on low heat. Materials that are 100% cotton are more likely to shrink.

Acrylic: Dry on low heat, and don’t over dry or it can cause static!

Linen: Use a low heat dry to avoid wrinkles.

Microfiber: Use a low heat or even cool setting for microfiber.

Nylon: Use low heat to prevent creases and to better avoid static cling.

Polyester: Polyester dries quickly, so you can use a low heat.

Silk: Some silk pieces can be dried on low heat, but always check the label.

Velour: Use a low heat tumble to keep velour feeling smooth.

Air Dry Recommended

Spandex, lace, rayon, wool and suede can technically be dried on a low heat setting, but depending on the delicate nature of the fabric and the label instructions, these items are best air dried to be safe.

Air Dry Only

Tights, bathing suits, fabric shoes and anything with crystal or rhinestone embellishments should be air dried only!

And if all else fails, check your label—always.