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How to Efficiently Run Your Garage Fridge in the Summer

June 28th, 2017

If you have the luxury of owning a refrigerator in your garage, your appliance can prove to be both a blessing and a curse in the summertime: On the one hand, you have plenty of room for all that BBQ food and beer! On the other hand, the summer heat can wreak havoc on your garage fridge.

In a hot garage, your refrigerator will be up against the warm air and fluctuating temperatures while working overtime to keep your  food cold. It’s so easy for a malfuction to occur during the heatwaves of summer, but by following these three tips, you can expect efficiency and effectiveness from your garage fridge.

1. Keep It Stocked
Keeping the fridge stocked will ensure an even spread of cool temperature in the appliance, making it so your fridge doesn’t work overtime. Your fridge posesses a food sensor system that will adjust temperature as the contents of your appliance change. Keeping things consistently stocked is helpful to maintaining a steady internal temperature.

2. Keep It Cool
Manufacturers like GE recommend that refrigerators be placed in rooms where the temperature remains between 60 and 110 degrees. When the weather is warm, the fridge will run constantly, running the risk of burning itself out or overheating. If your garage does not have air conditioning, consider using insulation, fanss and proper venting to keep the area cooler. Keeping the garage closed as much as possible is also helpful.

3. Keep It Charged
Most kitchens are electrically wired for appliances like refrigerators, whereas your garage probably isn’t. Make sure that your garage fridge is equipped with a proper electrical hookup (115 volt, 60 Hz, AC-only outlet is recommended) so it can receive enough power and run its motor properly. If not, strain on the condensor can impact its ability to produce air cold enough to cool your food safely.

Extra tip: Be mindful of what you store in your garage fridge! Since any appliance used in your garage is more likely to experience a failure, it’s wise to use your garage fridge to store non-essential items like extra beverages, snacks and items that won’t perish as quickly in case of a malfunction.