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How To Save The Food In Your Faltering Fridge

October 10th, 2014

Okay, so your refrigerator suddenly isn’t working, and the temperature is rising fast. You just went grocery shopping and the fridge is stocked with fresh food. Time to panic, right?

Wrong! Your fridge might not be running, but that doesn’t mean you can’t save those precious groceries with a little luck and a few good tips. Here are a handful of things you can do, from Immediate Appliance, to help you when your fridge suddenly fails:

Keep the door tightly closed: Keeping the fridge door closed (aka: not opening it over and over to check on the faltering temperature, or to peek at the state of your food) will help keep the cool air stored tightly inside for a while. Opening it over and over will result in cool air escaping and hot air seeping in, quickening your food’s deterioration.

Move items to a secondary fridge: If you are lucky enough to have a second fridge in your garage, pantry, or basement, utilize it! Quickly move your most perishables before things start to really heat up. You can also use an icebox or cooler filled with ice temporarily.

Place bags of ice into the fridge and freezer: No secondary fridge or cooler around? No worries! If you can get your hands on a few bags of ice, just stack them in your fridge and freezer. At least you’ll keep your food cold until your fridge is back on it’s A-game.

Feast like kings: Well, if you can’t keep the food cold, then at least don’t let it go to waste. Get creative! Throw a party, throw a feast for your friends, or just have a little binge fest with the family. Cooking certain foods can help them keep longer. Sure, it’s not an ideal scenario, but at least it’ll be fun… and delicious!

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