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Keeping Your Pantry Organized: 5 Methods To Stop the Madness

June 1st, 2016

Aside from the closet or garage, the pantry tends to be the most disorganized space in one’s home. Exploding with cans and boxes and foods of all varieties, along with kitchen and cooking utensils, it can sometimes be impossible to find what you’re looking for. But keeping your pantry organized is not as much of a chore as you may think! Here, we lay our five simple, affordable, and quick ways to keep your pantry on point.

Stackable Storage:

Stacking containers allow you to store mixed items like pasta, cookies, and grains in such a way that you can easily see what’s inside. This eliminates the headache of searching through countless containers to find what you’re looking for! This containers will also allow you to get rid of unnecessary bulk, like half-full cereal boxes. And the airtight plastic seals will keep your food fresh.

Portable Storage:

Rolling carts allow you to transport your food and cooking utensils easily, such as mixing stands and cases of water. You can even store entire meal ingredients (well, sans perishables, of course) on a single cart so you can have everything ready and at your convenience.

See-Through Storage:

Clear storage allows you to find exactly what you’re looking for without the hassle of checking labels or digging through containers. You can also easily see how much you have left of something, making it easier to tell when you need to replenish an ingredient! Easy peasy.

Can Rack:

Cans taking up space or making for awkward organization? A vertical can rack is a genius way to easily stack and organize your canned goods! Just grab what you need and a new one will roll into its place to replace it.

Label Everything:

Labeling containers allows you to easily find out what items you already have, and which you don’t or need. Plus, you won’t accidentally grab the wrong thing is your containers are properly labeled!