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Preventative Maintenance Tips For Home Appliances

February 26th, 2013

Appliances often fail because they are unintentionally overused or misused by the owner. It is advised the homeowners check with the operating manuals that come with their appliances to learn the needs and proper usage for each individual unit to ensure a long-lasting, efficient machine. Sometimes, though, there’s just too much text to sift through!

Don’t let your machine go down hill, though. To help you keep your appliances in tip-top shape, we’ve compiled a list of preventative maintenance techniques and tips you can use to help you prevent future damage and machine mishaps.

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Household Appliance Preventative Maintenance Tips:


– Check the door seal and replace if it is worn down; this seal helps keep food cold and maximizes unit efficiency
– Have your condenser coils  cleaned regularly to prevent damaging dust build-up
– Do not store items atop your fridge; this can disrupt air flow, especially if items fall behind the unit

Washing Machine:

– Do not overload the machine by stuffing too many items into the unit at once
– When running your wash, set the water level to one which is appropriate for the wash you are doing
– Have your washer fill hose replaced every few years
– Be sure to use the appropriate detergent for your unit
–  Before putting clothing in the wash, check your pockets for foreign objects (ie: change, cell phone, pens, etc.) as foreign objects can become lodged and damage your machine

Clothes Dryer:

– Be sure to clean out the lint trap before and after each load to improve efficiency on your machine as well as reduce the risk of a fire
–  Have the outside vent inspected annually
– D not place hard solid objects (ie: shoes, etc.) in the dryer


– Use drip-pans and clean up spills as they occur as opposed to using the self-clean function on your oven


– To remove soap buildup and residue, run the dishwasher while empty using a little distilled white vinegar
– Clean your dishwasher’s filter often to remove water deposits and debris
– Occasionally check the spinning arms on your dishwasher to make sure the spray holes are clear for optimum efficiency

Garbage Disposal: 

– Run cold water for 10-30 seconds before sending solid foods into the disposal and 10-30 seconds after; cold water helps solidify grease and fat for optimal chopping
– Keep blades sharp by running cold water and sending ice down the disposal

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