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How to Restore Your Pillowcases in the Washer

November 13th, 2017

Your pillows can often take a beating. (Sometimes literally if you, like us, love to give them a good fluffing before bed!) Pillowcases especially show the signs of wear and tear quicker than any other type of bedding due to our proximity to the fabric as well as the fact that we spend an average eight hours a night cradling them.

Once your once-crisp white pillows turn a faded shade of yellow (usually thanks to the sweat and occasional drool we may cover them with over time—hey, no judgement!), you might be tempted to toss them away and purchase new pillowcases. But what if we told you there’s an easy way to restore your pillowcases to their former glory?

To get your pillows back to (nearly) their store condition, first fill your washing machine with hot water. Then, add one cup liquid laundry detergent, one cup powered laundry detergent, one cup bleach and a half cup of Borax. Add your pillowcases (be sure to check the label first to make sure they’re washing machine friendly) and wash on a hot setting.

When finished, dry on a gentle setting and dryer sheets, and voila! Your pillowcases should be restored.

You can also use a Tide stick to spot treat stubborn stains, and can air dry if necessary.