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Smelly Fridge? Here’s How to Get Rid of Refrigerator Odors and Stains

August 10th, 2016

A smelly, cluttered, sticky fridge is literally the worst.

It makes taking anything out for cooking an unpleasant chore… and even grabbing a cold drink can be annoying. Who wants to be hit with a yucky odor when you open the fridge door? No thanks!

But life doesn’t have to be this way. Follow these quick and simple steps below for a through but easy clean for your refrigerator:

First things first: Take what you can out of the fridge and put on the counter. Throw out anything that’s out-of-date/has gone bad, or things that you won’t honestly use.

Anything that may need to be transferred into another container (like plastic Tupperware or a Zip-Loc bag) should be transferred, and any jars or packages that has spills on them should be wiped up (like a relish jar that may have some sticky spillage on the side of the jar, etc.).

Next, wipe up any lingering spills or sticky spots. This is where bacteria flourishes, creating nasty odors that not only make it unpleasant to open your fridge, but can also make other foods in your machine stink. You may need to scrub a bit and use a heavier cleaner to get these off.

Then you’ll want to wipe down the door of the fridge, making sure to clean out any spills or clusters from the corners.

Once the door is sparkling, take out the fresh food bins and rinse them out with soapy water. Dry completely.

Take a water and white vinegar-soaked sponge to the interior and racks of the fridge, scrubbing clean until there is no odor and discoloration left.

Finally, dry every surface with a paper towel to ensure all moisture has been eradicated (to avoid mold growth or general mustiness). Make sure not to leave any soap residue.

As an added odor-prevention method, leave a small tray with coffee grounds on the top rack of your fridge to wick away any lingering smells that you don’t want.