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Unusual Uses For Household Appliances

September 4th, 2012

Your household appliances help you to wash your dishes, dry your clothes, and keep your ice cubes nice and frozen among other things. But if you’re the adventurous type, there are all kinds of unique ways you can utilize your appliances to do things a little outside of the box! Check out some of the wackiest and unusual ways to use your household appliances below:

Cool your pillow in the freezer

Everyone loves it when their pillow is nice and chilled, but you don’t have to keep flipping it over all night to get to the cool side. Just slide your pillow (or pillow case, if you’re pressed for room) into a plastic bag and pop it in the freezer for a good ten to twenty minutes. Et voila! Your pillow will now have not one but two longer-lasting cool sides for you to snuggle up to all night long.

Cook salmon in the dishwasher

Broil salmon in the dishwasher

Did you know you can cook salmon in your dishwasher? It might sound crazy, but it’s true! Though we’re not sure if we’d try it ourselves, if you’re feeling adventurous here’s how it works:

Wrap your piece of salmon tightly in tin-foil, and we mean tight – make sure there are no openings in the foil. Place it on the top rack and just run it through a whole wash, dry cycle and all. (We’d recommend not putting any dishes or soap in with your fish! But do get creative and wrap your salon with a slice of lemon and some garlic and seasonings.) When complete, you’ll have a perfectly steamed, delicious salmon. (PS: We’d recommend putting your dishwasher through a clean cycle before trying this recipe.)


Clean sponges in the microwaveSterilize your kitchen sponge in the microwave

There’s nothing nastier than using a dirty sponge to clean the dishes in your sink or your countertop. Bacteria can build up on the sponge and when you use it, you can spread all that filth around your kitchen. For a quick, simple, thorough sterilization, rinse your sponge with warm water and squeeze a little lemon juice onto it. Pop the damp sponge into the microwave for about 2 minutes. This will disinfect and kill all the bacteria on the sponge. As a bonus, the lemony-fresh steam will also disinfect and loosen the crud in your microwave for a two-for-one clean – score!

Steam clothes in the dryer

If you don’t have time to iron your clothes (or if you don’t even own an iron), you can use your dryer to steam clothing. Just place the garments you wish to de-wrinkle in the dryer along with a damp washcloth. Set the dryer on medium heat. The heat coupled with the dampness of the washcloth will create a light steam that will get rid of the wrinkles in your clothes. As an extra trick, toss in a clean tennis ball (if you have one handy) along with your clothes. This will help fluff your clothes and the fibers of the ball will pick up lint from your clothes, too.

While not conventional, these are all great, unique ways you can use the appliances in your home to do things you may have not thought of before. Will you be trying any of these tricks? What are some others weird, wacky, or unusual ways you’ve used your appliances before?

(Disclaimer: Immediate Appliance does not endorse the use of the aforementioned appliances in the manners listed above. We are not responsible for any malfunction that may occur from trying the above appliance tricks. Please try the above tricks at your own risk.)