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Ways to Spot an Appliance Repair Scam Part 2

July 19th, 2017

Every day, scammers are finding new ways to trick consumers looking for appliance repair in Somerset County NJ and are giving legitimate companies a bad name. At Immediate Appliance, we take our award-winning business seriously, which is why we always staying up-to-date on how to spot scams.

After reading the first part of our “Ways to Spot an Appliance Repair Scam” blog, here are some other things to be aware of when looking for appliance repair.


  • Unqualified workers. Hiring a company that employs unqualified workers can end in a financial disaster for you if their services aren’t up to par with the job. These workers can end up doing more damage, costing you even more money! Be sure to ask about your technicians’ training, technical education and experience.
  • Not having cards or marketing material available. Legitimate businesses want you to call and tell your friends about them. Technicians will always carry a business card containing their contact information. If the appliance service company in Mercer County NJ has no calling card to give you, they may have something to hide.
  • Broken social media. On the company’s web site, click on the badges for social media outlets to make sure that they’re working. If the badges are just pictures pasted on the site, or if their Facebook or Twitter pages have no interaction, they are either a very new company or a scam—neither of which you probably want to deal with.
  • They’re not invested in their community. Fly-by-night business practices trick consumers by moving from town to town, searching for new customers. Before you hire a company, ask if they’ve done any charitable work or contribution in the past, and what specifically they are passionate about helping.
  • They’re calling from a call center. A common technique for scammers is to use a call center instead of a physical location in case they need to skip town. When speaking on the phone, directly ask if the representative is calling from a call center, and if they are, take your business elsewhere.

If you are looking for reputable appliance repair services, contact our professionals at Immediate Appliance today!