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What Does Your Oven’s Self Cleaning Function Do and Why Shouldn’t You Use It?

November 16th, 2016

To self clean or not to self clean? That is the question.

The answer? …No!

Your oven’s self cleaning feature is a built in tool which allows the machine to heat lingering food particles and grime in the oven, turning them to ash and basically burning them off the interior of the unit. Sound useful? It can be, but unfortunately using the self clean feature can cause the machine to overheat and malfunction when you try to use it afterwards, or even lock up completely.

Running your oven’s self clean feature can therefore run YOU the risk of having to call for a repair — a high price during holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Instead, during the holidays you should always hand wash if need be using soap, water and a good scrubbing brush and sponge. It may take a little extra elbow grease, but at least you’ll get that turkey in the oven in time for dinner!