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Why Get a Professional Air Conditioning Tune Up?

May 7th, 2015

It’s that time of year again, when things begin to heat up here in New Jersey and air conditioners start to get turned out all across the state. But imagine this scenario: It’s late May, about87 degrees outside, and your home is a sauna. You haven’t needed to break out the A/C just yet, but now’s the moment! You go over to the panel, hit “Cool,” and… womp womp. No cold air comes out! Now you’re panicking, because it’s HOT, and you have no way of cooling down.

The fact is, this scenario happens all the time during the summer months. We assume that since we haven’t touched our A/C units in months that it should be perfectly fine when we turn it back on. But over the autumn, winter, and spring, when your A/C sits untouched, all sorts of things can go wrong with it while the unit stagnates. Luckily, however, this scenario can also be easily avoided by a professional A/C tune up.

By getting a professional air condition tune up at least once a year before you need your A/C turned on, a trained professional can assess your cooling unit for leaks, internal damage, clogs, and make sure that your equipment is running efficiently and effectively before it gets unbearably warm. To set up your A/C tune up today on your central air conditioning system, call Immediate Appliance today!